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BMWfilms.com Subplot Sweepstakes.

Many, many thanks to tallman257 for patiently answering my incessant questions about this game.  The Sweepstakes deadline has past, so all the 'spoiler' information has become archival at this point so that people can see how the game was played.

Last update: 05.13/03 Here

Trailhead:  BMWFilms.com Season 1  Click on the movie title then on 'view subplot' to watch the streaming video feed.

Movie Title

Title of Subplot

Item found in subplot

AMBUSH Car Thief and the Hit Man airline ticket stub.
CHOSEN The Hit Man and the Investigator cbmlt.com  prompt for password.  Press enter (no password required). 
THE FOLLOW The Investigator and the Man in the Tan Jacket 212-259-9458 Don't leave a message.  Your voice could be traced.  To shadow the package, go online to:
STAR The Tan Jacket and the Motel Maid 303-752-7077 * [Same message as above.]
POWDER KEG The Motel Maid and the Package
* Thanks to Jamesi for finding this phone number for me.


Internal Dossier - /op1713/

[To Parent Directory]
04/30/94 10:27 PM  6742 surveillancereport
12/10/96 9:36 AM  5850 correspondence
03/06/98 11:41 AM  6891 incidentlocation
11/15/98 10:31 AM 2212 currentstatus
02/23/99 1:44 PM  1817 covops.475
01/14/00 2:00 PM  1649 talsat.1580
06/21/00 2:27 PM 2527 bropos
05/03/01 10:27 PM  <dir> codefive
08/23/01 7:00 PM  4380 Madison and 23rd
07/01/02 8:36 PM <dir> deciphernaut
07/01/02 8:38 PM  0801

Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (ms/rs_cvb.tj)
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 02:44:28 -GMT
aug 2 is in final prep. your car is shipping to the pier. the keys and bio are boxed. client wants u to see these photos. I know, just take a look, u’ll see why. i’ll be mobile. j
Attachments: passngr088.jpg, aerial088.jpg
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (ms/rs_cvb.tj)
Wed, 25 Jul 2002 23:46:02 -GMT
this troubles me as much as it will trouble u - i heard from your old friend, kann. he said to watch for a “delivery” on august 6. if i remember right, the 6th will have been 12 years, right? i trust u’re holding up. j
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (remote.satlink.02) – (userid –j)
Warning: This message was not encrypted / undefined error
Sat, 27 Jul 2002 08:10:28 -GMT
bildsten is dead. ping me
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (remote.satlink.02) – (userid –j)
Warning: This message was not encrypted / undefined error
Sat, 27 Jul 2002 08:15:34 -GMT
i know i know – don’t move. j
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (ms/rs_cvb.tj)
Sat, 27 Jul 2002 15:44:28 -GMT
still looking into the matter. use extreme caution. we should meet asap when u return. j
I found the poem, u’re right:
Uncut Diamonds; They glitter like gold 
An idea very visible, as they live, to mold them is a gift,
The Uncut Diamond.
Yes, they follow you, as you guide them,
They are like Uncut Diamonds.
As they take their first steps in life, they glitter;
Yes, children are like Uncut Diamonds; They glitter like gold.
So, if you teach, come forth and show your gift from God,
Because they glitter like gold, the Uncut Diamonds.
- Dedicated to Alex, Jessie and Jasmine
by James Hawkins
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by remote message server (id g0011rs1ms)
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 13:22:08 -GMT
u’ve been busy. sure u don’t want to fly to bermuda?
up to u. let me know. j
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (ms/rs_cvb.tj)
Thu, 1 Aug 2002 1:10:28 -GMT
got your vm. yes, tomorrow is locked.
did u find the missing film? cu soon. j
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (ms/rs_cvb.tj)
Tue, 6 Aug 2002 09:34:00 -GMT
kann left a vm (!?) very cryptic. he sent u this:
http://www.uncaptheride.com[local copy]
says he has something u want. i reconned - he’s up to his old
tricks, see for yourself.
don’t let this knight of wands get to u. j
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (ms/rs_cvb.tj)
Fri, 9 Aug 2002 15:11:53 -GMT
88 sends thx for your discretion.
i’ll check out the patent #. btw, u *should* be pissed. u have to
engage, u have no choice. extraction is w/out a solution. forward
your 20 and rest up. j
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (ms/rs_cvb.tj)
Thu, 15 Aug 2002 14:09:34 -GMT
here’s the patent abstract.
i think k has been watching us for some time. maybe i was wrong
about him. page of swords fits him best. who’s he working for? j
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (ms/rs_cvb.tj)
Thu, 15 Aug 2002 15:46:00 -GMT
turns out 89 didn’t show for good reason.train wreck  . she’s
okay. rain check. did u make progress in your freetime? j
End message 
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (ms/rs_cvb.tj)
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 15:31:11 -GMT
got your vm. i wired july across the pond. j
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (remote.satlink.02) – 
(userid –j)
Warning: This message was not encrypted / undefined error
Fri, 23 Aug 2002 12:43:14 -GMT
[_^Ã??????‹Á3ÉnohelpFPè>ÿÿljsystem(‹F0;Çt9~8uPè؃walkingaway Ô]
undefined error
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (remote.satlink.02) – 
(userid –j)
Warning: This message was not encrypted / undefined error
Fri, 23 Aug 2002 13:23:08 -GMT
trying again – tunnel not playing nice.
]expect no help from the system. they’re walking away. it’s u 
and me. j[
undefined error
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (ms/rs_cvb.tj)
Tue, 27 Aug 2002 16:23:14 -GMT
forget about it. the shop will take care of it. did u leave the car clean? j
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (ms/rs_cvb.tj)
Tue, 03 Sep 2002 13:13:09 -GMT
*addtl dna match confirmed suspicions*
the water was tainted prior to seal. this complicates our hunt – 
bitter sweet.
send status of 90 eod. j
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (ms/rs_cvb.tj)
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 14:11:01 -GMT
did u catch this? j
vicente fox
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (remote.satlink.02) – (userid –j)
Warning: This message was not encrypted / undefined error
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 15:16:37 -GMT
scrap plans. meet me at pier. bring change of clothes. j
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (remote.satlink.02) – (userid –j)
Warning: This message was not encrypted / undefined error
Fri, 13 Sep 2002 11:15:43 -GMT
i don’t care, he knows too much. he’s a loose end. i have an 
idea. ping me. j
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (ms/rs_cvb.tj)
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 05:27:51 -GMT
i feel much better thx. feels good to be back on my feet. 
92 is enroute. car shipping to pier. local agency to supply cargo and shadow.
from lab rat *poison was tasteless, rapid, painless*
indicates your family was the intended target on 8/6. don’t beat
yourself up - no way u could have known. ping me. j 
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (ms/rs_cvb.tj)
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 11:53:09 -GMT
heard from chang, that’s a negative – u op with sole discretion 
for 92. don’t worry about locals or feds. it’s your ass on the 
line and we know this harry guy is a knife short. bc- j
End message
Received: from deciphernaut [51500] by (ms/rs_cvb.tj)
Fri, 08 Nov 2002 14:13:22 -GMT
i just got an estimate from the shop - what the? are u ok? why
didn’t u tell me about this job?
housekeeping - i wired aug and sep across the pond. 94 is on 
board. is it really him? j
End message


August 06
Old friend, I hold the file.
From what I gather by watching you, I have information you desperately want. Information about the accident.
Of course, I cannot simply give it to you. That would be too easy. I could turn the other cheek, but what fun would that be?
No. You will have to earn this.
Before you call in reinforcements, remind yourself of these three words: Mutual Assured Destruction.
We do not want to make a mess now, do we?
If you doubt me, view this: inmyhands.jpg
To get your hands on the file, use your head. Bring me the keys .
Start in reverse .  [reversed image]
The reversed image was meant to prompt the player to find this site:
Local copy of photo gallery.
One of the documents in the gallery has a phone number to call. If you don't want to call it yourself, then the content of the call is below.  (thanks to tallman257 for telling me to call this number)
Phone call Transcript:
713-266-7288    First key:  E4-C6    Go to:  apple.com/mpeg4


Babble text:
[The French text was in white on a white background]
Je sais que vous avez un endroit spécial dans votre coeur pour beemers.
Vous devez voir mon noir 1974 2002 coupe.
Vérifier le NewYorkTimes a classifié premier le 14 août, 2002. 

The above tells the player to check the Classified Advertisements in the New York Times (National Section) for this ad: (thanks to mottjr for finding the ad for me)

BMW 2002 '74 CPE
Blk, 2-dr, with bullet hole in driver's door.
(eve) 212-875-2913  (day) 212-875-1587

Phone call transcript:
(eve) 212-875-2913 Tackle and Associates.  If you're calling about the car, press 1.  Go to tonytina.com...look for auralights lip gloss, holographic red (your wife's favorite color as I recall).  Add .com to the sku # 

(day) 212-875-1587  Go to hiexpress.com  Find the street # for the Queens location then add .com

Results of the phone call instructions:
tonytina.com has a search function.  Search auralights holographic red.  The order form has an SKU # 9003506  add .com to that.  http://9003506.com  At that site is revealed: 
Key 2: d4 d5
Key 6: bd _ _ _

hiexpress.com is Holiday Inn Express.  Search for locations in Queens. Of the three results, the Queens/Midtown Tunnel has the correct address: 38-05 Hunters Point Ave.  Go to http://38-05.com goes to http://viewsource.info/.  If you right click and 'view sourcecode',  the same information as above...the two keys and the phone number are given.

Next phone call transcript:
press 2 pound sign.  uncaptheride.com/roadtrip

Roadtrip Spoiler
:K: by en_prise photo gallery

photo gallery info:
Key 3: Nc3 dxe4 
Key 6: _ _ 3 _ _ 

The :K: link in the spoiler above goes to https://www.uncaptheride.com/key_page/locked_door.aspx
Players have been directed here before.  This is a screen capture of the keys form:

The :K: on the key page goes back once again to: http://www.uncaptheride.com/info.html as shown above.

Photo gallery info:
There are two letters to click on.  A 'G' and an 'M'. 
The 'G' leads to http://www.botched.com/gustaf/  click on: That content of shipment.  Leads to: http://www.botched.com/gustaf/09surround.html.  There is an image* with the following text: data transfer from bochrist system frankfurt GMBH advises under coded transmission that content of shipment is Kuang Grade Mark Eleven Penetration Program 

The 'M' goes to: http://www.botched.com/max/
Read status journals for August.
Scroll down to 8/1/02
:K: link to
http://www.uncaptheride.com/packuj.html  (thanks to Sapagoo for finding this)

Copy of  packuj.html
Inside all that garbage text are references to parts of the game.  It's mostly a reminder of bits and pieces that a player may have missed.  Scan through it for fun, but nothing critical to the game can be found there.

Email transcript:
Sending email to DFensePetroff@bolt.com gives an auto-response:

Civilians track packages. 
The rest of us track civilians.


(798) 652-1292
Cross the five before you dial.

Results of the package tracking.

Phone call content from package tracking.
(the tracking was done through Federal Express).  Phone number: 213-486-4393
Now we will see if your close work has become guesswork.  Tell Dr. Ryan Hart (Heart?) what you think is in the package. Send an SASE to P.O. Box 2311  Minneapolis, MN 55402 so an old friend can reply.

SASE results
Key 4: Nxe4 Nd7
Serial #
and a button
pictures of the above

Cross the five solution:
The phone number on the tracking results is (798) 652-1292).  798 isn't a valid area code.  Using the cross the five boxes the number becomes (312) 458-9818

Next phone call transcript:
(312) 458-9818  Red Herring Magazine Subscription Card P.O. Box number .com

Results of phone call information:
Subscription card address is: PO Box 54560, Boulder, CO 80323-4560 (thanks to Gupfee for finding this for me.)
http://54560.com goes to http://www.first-illinois.com/
click on faq  (http://www.first-illinois.com/faq.html)

http://www.uncaptheride.com/all4naught.html has this image. The phone number on it is the same as the one on the package tracking results.

It takes awhile to download the ipod demo.
Ipod info:
click on Contacts  It gives a phone number and email address.  215-496-0720  and ckann@bolt.com

Phone call transcript:
"You never did return my book.  The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  Pick it up.  Chapter 23 paragraph 3 word 4 (dolphin) and  Chapter 6 word 540 (language).   Add .com "

I lost patience with this and I shouldn't have...if I'd gone back just four more words I would have found it...as it was I asked for help from another forum CollectiveDetective/y2kbozo.  http://dolphinlanguage.com that redirects to http://www.susstones.com/mp3.html  There is an mp3 called Dolphin Language Translator (Dirty Telephones Mix) by Astronaut Wife (©2000-02 Astronaut Wife. All rights reserved) that gives the two telephone numbers to call: 404-508-8842 and 415-273-1935. 

Download the mp3 (2.5MB)

I sent an email with no text and only :K: in the subject line and got this auto-response.
From: ckann@bolt.com
I do not have time for you right now. If you have something to say, say it – then go back to your lonely vengeance.  :K:

Phone number transcript:
404-508-8842 spoken text:
This is Linda Delacroix.
I can't hear you.
I can't hear them.
(Male voice): Give them the web address

http://www.uncaptheride.com/diamonds transcript:
You were an accomplice in the successful import of over $2 million in stolen uncut diamonds.
I hear your car took several rounds. 
Good thing you are familiar with occupational hazards. 

Do you remember the plate number from your abandon car?
You need it. You know what to do with it. 

The license plate from the car in Ambush (the story about the diamonds) is 4PCI285...the same car that is abandoned in the subplot movie.
http://4PCI285.com redirects to http://www.uncaptheride.com/key_page/cvtmktr.aspx (thanks to Sapagoo for finding this)
(Thanks to SpaceBass for giving me copies of the bmwfilms from season one so I was in a position to watch Ambush again.)

Screen capture of the 'case number' prompt.

Case number solution:
There is a prompt for a case number...found in the inmyhands.jpg from above.  Enter 54558 to get more key information.
Key 5:  Ng5  Ngf6 
Key 6:        e6 

the :K: directs back to the key page

Phone number transcript:
415-273-1935  A child's toy piano playing 'You Are My Sunshine' and a hushed voice saying dot info.
http://youaremysunshine.info goes to http://uncaptheride.com/Key_Page/cvtmktr.aspx...the same as above.

Phone number from the Season 2 film Hostage transcript:
Female voice (presumably Linda Delacroix, the hostage) speaking: 
Mr. Chang, I trust you found a solution to my problem.  Please upload all information to Mothtoflame    My contact in Chicago will ship you the second package.