United States Patent 6,421,121 
Haavig , et al. 
Method and apparatus for rapid particle identification utilizing scattered light histograms
Unique methods and apparatus are provided for rapidly identifying microscopic particles, such as protozoa and other microbes suspended in a fluid or gas. In one embodied form, the method comprises illuminating the particles to be detected with an intense light source such as a laser, detecting scattered light by means of an array of optical sensors surrounding a detection zone, converting the detected light to an electrical signal, and comparing the derived signal with at least one frequency-of-occurrence/probability histogram curve to qualitatively and/or quantitatively identify the microscopic particles present.

Train Wreck

  NATIONAL DESK | July 30, 2002, Tuesday
  Double-Deck Amtrak Train Derails in Maryland, Injuring 97
  By DIANA JEAN SCHEMO (NYT) 774 words
  Late Edition - Final, Section A, Page 12, Column 3

  LEAD PARAGRAPH - A double-decker Amtrak train hurtling toward
the end of a 19-hour journey from Chicago derailed in this Washington
suburb under a blistering sun today, leaving 97 passengers injured, 6 of
them seriously.

  The 13-car train, the Capitol Limited, carrying 161 passengers and 12
crew members, jumped the tracks at 1:55 p.m., 10 minutes after it was
due to arrive in Union Station in Washington.

Vincente Fox

FOREIGN DESK | August 16, 2002, Friday
An Execution in Texas Strains Ties With Mexico and Others
Late Edition - Final, Section A, Page 6, Column 3
ABSTRACT - Pres Vicente Fox's decision to cancel meeting with Pres Bush
at his Texas ranch to protest Texas's execution of Mexican citizen Javier Suarez
Medina is latest confronation over death penalty between United States and some
of its closest allies; Mexico and 10 other nations, including Poland, Switzerland,
Brazil and Argentina, filed court briefs or wrote letters pleading for clemency for
Suarez; dispute points up how US is at odds with many other industrialized
democracies as it continues to apply death sentences for capital crimes...